Thirteen years ago I felt a connection wihout knowing with whom. It was a warm feeling, but I didn’t know where it originated from. A few weeks later my Mum asked my brother and me to sit together and listen. She told us that she was pregnant with our little sister. While my sister was still in my mother’s womb I felt like I had a twin sister and still now after thirteen years we still feel the same towards each other kostenlos minecraft downloaden.

Since my sister is eight years younger than I am I always feel really responsible for her. I want to protect her from the mistakes I made when I was her age. Since I’m not living at home anymore I can’t really help her, so I decided to create a kind of “protectionroute” for her by designing an imaginative flight of stairswhich has six steps one for each year of life film youtubeen online.

Every step is protected with a little lock alg 1 antrag downloaden. When it’s her birthday she receives a key of the accompanying year.

And when she opens this particular step she will find a letter in which I share my diary-fragments of the same year together with notes how I think about things nowadays. For the design of “de overtreffende trap” I explicitly chose for the conical end which represents the fact that the older she becomes the less I need to give her download.

Material : Pinewood and brushed aluminium.

*de overtreffende trap = the flight of stairs

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