Usc Upstate Transfer Agreement

You should start with an AAS ET. USC Upstate has collaborated with Greenville Technical College, Piedmont Technical College, Spartanburg Community College, Tri-County Technical College, and York Technical College for the necessary AAS AND programs. Each partner institution has specific ET programs that will be seamlessly integrated into the USC Upstate program. SMC maintains hundreds of informal agreements with other higher education institutions across the country to accept course points regarding a particular academic program. A degree associated with SMC gives you options. Courses are designed in such a way that they can be easily transferred to a large number of higher education institutions. Or, like many students, you may find that you have to work to earn extra tuition. With your associate degree in hand, you are entitled to better paying jobs. Many of the courses in the lower division (100 and 200 levels) are completed at a technical university as part of the Engineering Technology Associate. Students typically transfer 56-76 hours from technical college to USC Upstate, including 31 hours of technical classes. The transfer limit is 76 credit hours. For more information on transfer credit assessments, please contact: The information contained in transfer agreements is used to advise studies and is subject to change.

The USC Upstate Academic Catalog is the official document that describes the requirements for the conclusion of USC Upstate. If you have already completed the AAS ET program, contact USC Upstate on What previous courses will be transferred to the program? We maintain transfer agreements with the following schools: Spartanburg Methodist College must build a strong academic foundation. For your continued success, we are proud to be able to offer a large number of connection programs with four-year institutions in the Southeast. Currently, we have entered into the following agreements: You must contact USC Upstate during or after your second semester at the Fachhochschule. Early planning allows for maximum efficiency of transfer credits. Our unique transfer agreements with Greenville Technical College have enabled thousands of students to seamlessly and successfully transition to USC Upstate graduates. In fact, more students are moving from Greenville Tech to USC Upstate than from any other school….